How It Works

If you’ve already purchased your pass and you are not already logged in, click on the content you’ve purchased and log in using the email and password you’ve set up during registration. If you haven’t purchased a pass yet, choose your show, click on the content you want to watch, log in or sign up, and proceed to make your purchase.

Step 1. Press “Buy Ticket” on the artist event page.
Step 2. Select the Sign up option at the top of the form.
Step 3. Fill in the form with your full name, email address and password and press the Register button.
To find out how to make a purchase, proceed to the next section.

Step 1. Click on the “Buy Ticket” button on the artist event page and wait for the login form to appear. Login with your credentials (email and password or continue with social media account).
Step 2. Select the desired price option from the price menu.
Step 3. Enter the required checkout information.
Step 4. Press the Pay button.
You will immediately receive access and an email confirming your purchase. In case the page does not load, please press the refresh button.

You will have access only to the livestream or to the livestream + 24h or 48h access to the video replay depending on your ticket.

If you have any sign up/login, payment or refund inquiries, please visit

Yes. The event is available worldwide.

The shows will start exactly on the time indicated on the ticket info. So adjust your clock as start times around the world will vary. If you’re in a time zone that makes it difficult to watch live – no worries as you have the option to purchase different tickets that gives you access to view the show for 24 or 48 additional hours after the Live Stream. 

We support all the main browsers on desktop and on mobile devices.

Watching the event on your TV can be achieved in different ways. If you have a Smart TV, opening the website on your TV browser the same way you would do on your computer should do the trick. If you have an Apple TV or Google Chromecast you can send the live feed from your iPhone or Android directly to these devices. Alternatively, you can hook up your TV with your laptop through an HDMI cable, and then you can stream the event from your laptop to your TV.

In order to watch this event you’ll need to log-in using your email and create a password. In most cases you won’t need to use your passcode twice as most computers use cookies to help the website track your visits – so the next time you visit the site, it’ll remember who you are providing that your email hasn’t changed. On the day of the show simply show up on time and the website Landing Page will automatically convert to a live stream video.
Remember our website: 

Step 1. Click on the Log in button or “Buy Ticket” on the artist event page.
Step 2. On the form that appears, enter your login credentials (email and password or continue with social media account).
Step 3. Click on Login.
The page will then refresh and if you have already purchased, the paywall will disappear. If you haven't purchased, please follow the guidelines above on How do I make a purchase.

Step 1. Navigate to the login form by clicking on the “Buy Ticket” on the artist event page.
Step 2. Press the Forgot Password button below the password field on the login screen.
Step 3. Enter your email address and press the Submit button.
Step 4. Leave the tab with the form open. In a new tab check your email for a Token that you can use to update your password.
Step 5. Copy and paste the Token along with your New Password and press the Submit button.
Your password will be updated. Please login with your email address and new password.
If you do not receive a password reset token please visit our support center at

Yes! All data collected by the paywall system is enforced and protected and all payments processed by the system are SSL encrypted to protect data during transmission.

Credit or debit card can be declined in the following cases:
1. Lack of funding.
2. The fraud control system flagged the user as suspicious.
Please contact your bank.
For all payment and access related issues, please please visit our support center at
For content related questions please email

The CVV Number (“Card Verification Value”) is the 3 digit numberlocated at the back of your VISA®, MasterCard® and Discover® branded credit and debit cards. On your American Express® branded credit or debit card it is a 4 digit numeric code.

You can find worldwide live terms of service following this link:
You can find Kontainer terms of service following this link:
And you can find InPlayer’s terms and conditions on the following link:

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